Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha Tourism (2023)

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary
Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

wildlife sanctuary in odisha: Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Odisha: Friends, today we will all know about Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary, it is located in Odisha. And this is the famous Wildlife Sanctuary of India, if you also want to see or roam, then you can come here and enjoy.

About Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

In western Odisha, close to the Hirakud dam in Sambalpur, is the Debrigarh animal Sanctuary, a well-known tourist destination and animal conservation site with a 347 sq km footprint. The Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary has a long-standing connection to India’s independence because Surendra Sai, a famous freedom fighter, was born there. Water for birds, animals, and aquatic creatures can be found at the Sanctuary. Debrigarh Wildlife refuge is claimed to be unique from all other sanctuaries in Odisha, including Nalabana Bird Sanctuary, due to its captivating natural ecosystem and animal refuge.

The Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including birds, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, and many more species due to its vast biodiversity. Furthermore, The Sanctuary has around 250 different plant species. The Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary, which is surrounded by the villages of Debrigarh, Lambipaly, and Ghagdabehera, is renowned for its profusion of flora and fauna. One of the busiest wildlife sanctuaries in the nation is this one.

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary (Overview)

Address: GQ2C+7F2, Right Dyke Road, Odisha 768030
Hour Closes soon ⋅ 5 pm ⋅ Opens 7 am Wed
Closes soon 5 pm ⋅ Opens 7 am Wed
Phone number 0674 243 2177
Area346.9 km²

DEBRIGARH Wildlife Sanctuary

Forest Range Officer:

  • Lakhanpur Wildlife Range at Lakhanpur
  • Phone Number: (06646) 264241

Debrigarh wildlife sanctuary information

The Debrigarh WildLife Sanctuary, which spans the Lohara and Debrigarh Reserve forests on the Barapahad hills in the Baragarh district, offers a nice setting for the Hirakund Lake and a mixed deciduous forest, which serve as a natural habitat for a variety of wildlife. Numerous people are drawn to the area by the waterfalls that cascade down the hill sides during the monsoon and the nearby big Hirakud reservoir.

This largely virgin forest is home to the tiger, leopard, sloth bear, chital, sambar, and nilgai. In addition, a variety of permanent and migratory birds, like the crested serpent eagle and chousingha, bring colour to the surroundings. The reserve forest’s richness is increased by the vast populations of freshwater turtles and mugger crocodiles that live there.

Including Kamgaon and Lakhanpur in the area

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Divisional Forest Officer:

  • Hirakud Wildlife Division,
  • Motijharan Po- & District: Sambalpur-768001 (Odisha)
  • Phone Numbers: (0663) 2548743

FAQs: debrigarh

What is Debrigarh famous for?

Wild Indian Gaur and Wild Boar

What is a Wildlife Sanctuary?

An region where birds and animals are safeguarded and conserved safely in their natural habitats, free from illegal activities like poaching and trafficking, is known as a wildlife sanctuary. A natural reserve, biosphere reserve, or conservation area are other names for a wildlife refuge. These are privately owned by charitable organisations and research institutions and are subject to direct government regulation.

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